Intricate Updo With Flower

Courtesy of Magic In Motion


Unknown said...

I reallllly love this updo! Recently cut off a good portion of my hair, so I'll be looking for your short cut 'dos!

Mrs. King! said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm using this except my swoop will flow freely into the bun and it will be more to the side. I'm lovin' it!

Magic In Motion Hair said...

Thank you for using our hair photos on your blog. For more information on wedding hair or general hair care services, visit us at

Happy weddings...Sincerely,
Celebrity Stylist
Marta "Magic" Dean

African-American Brides said...

You're welcome! Thank you for including that link. I'll make sure we use it for any of your future pics. :)


Chyna said...

Wow! That's me!! Thanks again, Magic!

African-American Brides said...

And you look GAW-JUS! Thanks to everyone involved for sharing. :)



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